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FastCGI and Application Pool CPU Limiting in IIS7

Or, How To Fix the "Unable to place a FastCGI process in a JobObject" / 0x80070005 Error When Applying a CPU Limit to an IIS7 Application Pool Here is our example - you have a website that uses several different programming languages running on an IIS7 server. Perhaps your main site is running .NET, and you are using PHP for the website's blog, or Python for a mailing script. You have installed the FastCGI module to speed things up and have it configured successfully. Unfortunately, CPU utilization is overall fairly high for this site. You want to make sure that it doesn't get *too* high and crash the server, or overwhelm other applications and services you have running on the same server. This article assumes that you already have configured a dedicated application pool for your site, and per the best practices you are running the application pool under a unique application pool identity user, and not the Network Service. It also assumes that you only have one

Changes to Windows Server 2012 Media Handling Reduce Bandwidth Requirements for Remote Desktop (RDP) and Terminal Services

RemoteFX Media Streaming Introduced Over the years I have worked at both Internet Service Providers and server hosting companies. In both environments, customers have found thin client deployment and virtual desktop provisioning stymied by the bandwidth needs of remote desktop when used for day-to-day desktop computing style tasks. I can't remember how many times I have worked with a company whose entire network has failed or flapped because of employees downloading torrents or watching Youtube videos from a remote server. Other times, I have worked on Terminal Services capacity planning projects, and found myself impressed by the difficulty of giving reliable estimates even where good data is available. Many companies have been completely unable to reap the rewards of hosted desktops (fast provisioning and restoring, centralized management, easy hardware replacement) because of the costs of reliable high-throughput internet connections to their office. Data center bandwidth

Complete Pilot Episode of Poochinski

Poochinski is the story of a man who is killed in the line of duty. The TV show never made it to prime-time, but it has been seeing something of a resurgence, having now been featured all over the internet  (including a Facebook petition to finally produce the show ) The story goes that Poochinski's soul is restless - unable to leave behind his wife and children without seeking vengeance first. In desperation, his soul possesses the first body it could find, the body of a small bulldog. Using the body of the bulldog, Poochinski gets to destroy the testicles of his killer while struggling with his own new-found body identity issues as he seeks to move on to the great water hydrant in the sky. It cannot be stressed enough: this show is truly a work of genius. Widely regarded as the best TV show to never be made since the release of its marketing and promotional materials in 1990, Poochinski is the Citizen Cane of talking animal cinema (Citizen Cane faced financial difficulties

Silent But Nerdly

For a while I have been just too busy to sit down and kill some serious brain cells with an awesome video game. While I am partially responsible, I blame today's games, too. It seems like games today either involve paying to give myself a very expensive obsessive compulsive disorder (click the red button every second for 5 hours straight, then kill 10 rats, than bring me the rat skin hides after you have skinned them and clicked each one every 3 seconds for 1 1/2 hours straight, etc), or becoming part of a photo realistic murder simulator that leads to my  near instant death from hundreds of yards away by someone (prepubescent) who I never see. While admittedly there have been some amazing games written within the last 5 years, there has been an equal abundance of shitty games available for those who like bad video games from the 80's . So thanks to Xbox Live for releasing Sega Vintage Collection. I am playing Golden Axe and Street of Rage on a 60'' flat scree


Amazing. { SPECIAL POOCHINSKI UPDATE:   Due to the overwhelming contacts we have received about Poochinski, I have located the COMPLETE AND UNREDACTED pilot episode of this classic story of a cop, a dog, and another cop who is reincarnated inside the dog.} Check it out :