About Me

About Me

I work with computers. I've helped hospitals, the military and Fortune 500 companies build secure, highly available server and network infrastructure. For a little over a decade I have been a sysadmin. More recently I have helped with database administration projects (I just completed a project with the Palm Bach Post) If you are ever in South Florida and want to have a beer and talk about nerd stuff, feel free to email me at josh.wieder >!at_< live.com or send a text to the website Google Voice account: (305) 814-5049.

I'm not affiliated with Wieder Inc, Weider Global Nutrition, Wieder Engineering Inc, Weider Trucking, Wieder Realty, Weider Publications Group, Weidner Apartments, Weider Metals. I have an odd last name that is much more common than can be expected. In German, 'wieder' means 'again' - like 'auf wiedersehen', which translated literally means "you have a goofy last name". The correct pronunciation is VAYDUR as in Darth Vader (no relation(?)).

About My Website

     This website is designed to help share information about the data center industry.
     Mostly this includes tips for dealing with server configuration and security problems, but I also like to talk about data center infrastructure, how the law and politics impacts engineering and plain old industry gossip like mergers, bankruptcies as well as new companies and gadgets. There's even one post about how I saved my laptop from a tornado.
     At its heart, the Internet is a free and collaborative process driven by the sharing of information between millions of its users. The Internet is arguably the most successful practical experiment in the exercise of human freedom of all time - it is now possible to have a device the size of a playing card that can at once fit in your pocket and also access every last fragment of human knowledge. There is no central  management, but there is an unfathomable amount of data being transferred freely.
     I owe my livelihood to this experiment. Just as importantly - fixing, understanding and improving the networks and servers that compose the Internet have become my passion. I'm no genius, and I haven't invented any protocols that the IETF deems worthy, but I fully intend to make my life's work leaving my small little corner of this experiment better than when I found it.

About My Commitment to Readers

     In that spirit - all of the information contained in this website is absolutely, 100% free (as in free beer as opposed to last paragraph's 'Braveheart' free). You are welcome to take the information you find here and use it however you see fit. I absolutely appreciate attribution and links - and thank you for the web sites that do link here! - but you will never receive any thuggish emails from me because you have used some ideas from my website on your own. The aim is to improve the internet - to make it safer, more powerful and more accessible. The faster and more effectively we can communicate and learn, the faster and more effectively we will be able to reach that goal. There is an exception to this - which is using content on this site in an illegal manner, or spamming and including information or content on this site for spamming. Don't do that. If you do that, I will embarrass you. I will contact your Internet Service Provider. I will belittle you in public. Should a circumstance arise where I am legally or ethically bound to do so, I will contact law enforcement.
     We have not yet reached the point where expenses for this site are an issue, because the hosting is free. There will likely come a time in the near future when Blogger will no longer be the best option for hosting due to the volume of traffic we are getting. If I have to buy a server to host the site, I will have to run ads. The truth is that, even with ads all over the place, I will lose money hosting the site. This site isn't designed as a money-maker, so please don't judge it too harshly if and when we have to cross that bridge.
     I have not and will not accept direct payment or gifts for the posts that you see on this site. Putting a banner ad on the site is one thing, and writing posts to market someone's products is another. This site isn't being built to sell things (btw there is nothing wrong with selling things!)
     That said, over the years I have worked for and with quite a few companies in one capacity or another. When writing a post that involves a previous employer, customer, contracted party or subsidiary of any of the same, I will clearly note my relationship with that company unless I am legally bound not to do so by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (where this is the case, I won't be posting or linking in any capacity). If you feel at any time that a post skirts that issue please contact me and tell me. I would be happy to add clarifications on the site or correct matters as best as I can - this is an important issue for me.
     I invite criticism, and I am happy to publish retractions that are based in fact. I consider the first amendment to be a sacred trust and the philosophical foundation of the Internet. Retractions will only be provided on a factual basis - requests to remove content based on differences of opinion will be disregarded. Where I am proven wrong, I will print a retraction as opposed to deleting the article unless otherwise required by law. As the author is young and single, SLAPPs and attempts to extort and intimidate by lawyer will be viewed as an opportunity to travel while learning about the legal profession at the expense of the complainant - even better, it would provide an excuse for the author to reach out to the likes of Ken White at Popehat and Marc Randazza, two gentlemen the author holds in high esteem for their defense of the basic human right of speech (and most importantly, curmudgeonly speech). Such attempts will be immediately and thoroughly publicized. Murum aries attigit. Avoid unwinnable confrontation by emailing or texting me and discussing your concerns so we can work them out like grown ups. 
     The opinions that are expressed on this site are my own, Josh Wieder's, and not that of my employer or any other organization with which I claim membership or affiliation. I take full responsibility for every word on this website that I produce, whereas comments are the responsibility of their respective author.