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About Me

About Me

I work with computers. I've helped data centers, military contractors and Fortune 500 companies build secure, highly available server and network infrastructure. For over fifteen years I've done that as a systems administrator. 
More recently, I have been involved with a variety of public interest Big Data projects for a series of news organizations and nonprofits.

Give me an email sometime to chat about your latest project contact )--at--( joshwieder __dot--- net or check out my business website. I have both Github & Gitlab pages, but almost all of the software I've written is proprietary, so my commits are private (I will not pass up an opportunity to publicly tell someone else how to write the manual for their own software, though)

About This Site

     This website is designed to help share information about the data center industry.
     Mostly this includes tips for dealing with server configuration and security problems, but I also like to talk about data center infrastructure, how the law and politics impacts engineering and plain old industry gossip. There's even a post about how I saved my laptop from a tornado.
     The opinions that are expressed on this site are my own and not that of my employers, customers or any other organization with which I claim membership or affiliation. I take full responsibility for every word on this website that I produce, whereas comments are the responsibility of their respective author. 
     I'm not affiliated with any companies that share my last name, like Wieder Inc, Weider Global Nutrition, Wieder Engineering Inc, Weider Trucking, Wieder Realty, Weider Publications Group, Weidner Apartments, Weider Metals, et al. I just have an odd last name. In German, 'wieder' means 'again' - like 'auf wiedersehen', which translated literally means "you have a goofy last name". But also it means a specific valley somewhere in Germany? All I know for sure is I like to tell people that the correct pronunciation is VAYDUR as in Darth Vader (no relation(?)).