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Dijkstra's Algorithm

Dijkstra's algorithm. It picks the unvisited vertex with the lowest-distance, calculates the distance through it to each unvisited neighbor, and updates the neighbor's distance if smaller. Mark visited (set to red) when done with neighbors.

All the Best to Boston

Here is to a bit of solidarity with the people of Boston following the attack on the Boston marathon yesterday. Such a despicable, cruel crime met with honor courage and self sacrifice by those immediately effected.

The Geoid

I've been thinking about Earth. Typically we think of the Earth as being a perfect sphere as represented by those silly globes from grade school. In reality, due to concentrations of magma, mountains and deep sea trenches, the Earth is anything but a perfect sphere. Not only does this distort our concept of a perfectly spherical planet, but it also distorts the Earth's gravitational field, causing regional anomalies. Visualization helps. Here are a few images of the Earth's gravitational anomalies in relief: