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Complete Pilot Episode of Poochinski

Poochinski is the story of a man who is killed in the line of duty. The TV show never made it to prime-time, but it has been seeing something of a resurgence, having now been featured all over the internet (including a Facebook petition to finally produce the show)

The story goes that Poochinski's soul is restless - unable to leave behind his wife and children without seeking vengeance first. In desperation, his soul possesses the first body it could find, the body of a small bulldog. Using the body of the bulldog, Poochinski gets to destroy the testicles of his killer while struggling with his own new-found body identity issues as he seeks to move on to the great water hydrant in the sky.

It cannot be stressed enough: this show is truly a work of genius. Widely regarded as the best TV show to never be made since the release of its marketing and promotional materials in 1990, Poochinski is the Citizen Cane of talking animal cinema (Citizen Cane faced financial difficulties as well).

Here is a link to the updated page with the whole pilot. Check it out let me know what you think! Poochinski Unleashed!

Or if you are clicktionally illiterate, here are are a few embeds of the pilot: