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McAfee Security Center Won't Stay the **** Out of My Computer

McAfee's suite of antivirus services have come pre-installed on Windows computers for a long time. I can't speak to how efficient or not efficient their antivirus is, because I have not used it in any real capacity for any length of time. What I have done is struggle to completely remove all of the components of their software package when I want to keep the version of Windows that came with the computers I purchased. I recently picked up a new laptop with Windows 8.1 - my first time using this version of Windows for a laptop. I was dismayed to find McAffee pre-installed, as I knew it meant having to waste time getting rid of it. I will say this for them - they have gotten better since the last time I went through this many years ago. Better, as in uninstalling using the utility provided by McAfee did not break vital parts of the Windows operating system. Great would be if the uninstaller actually removed all of McAffee's software from the computer. Good would be if the