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Oh, Kaspersky

By accident I clicked on Eugene Kaspersky's Twitter account and I was greeted with this: What? Everything about this image is FABULOUS . First and foremost, it confirms my longstanding suspicion that any schmuck can make a few bucks in infosec, but to make bazillions you have to be an absolute drug-addled lunatic . But let's get back to the picture. So many questions. Are they standing in front of a green-screen in which someone embossed click-art from Windows 95 or did they pose in front of a cheaply painted wall, like when prison convicts take "click-clicks" to send to their pen pals ? Was I the only one who thought that maybe - just maybe - this was the album cover for an Autobahn reunion tour that I had somehow missed? These men are nihilists. Someone very much needs leak the inter-departmental memo that Kaspersky sent to demand that his least photogenic employees all wear form-fitting pastels to work. It would have to be one hell of a memo to ge