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Electronic Arts sending out phishing alerts for Origin accounts

I received a somewhat horrifying email from Electronic Arts in reference to my Origin account yesterday :

I pissed my pants a little.
The email definitely originated from EA, and there is very little resembling a phishing scam in the process they use to update security setting.

I haven't used my Origin account for anything other than playing games on Xbox that require one... I haven't played my Xbox in months. There is no payment information associated with my Origin account, and the login information for it is not associated with any other accounts. There is nothing in the account activity to suggest purchases have been made.

I would be a lot more comfortable with this sort of thing if the email was specific about what the issue was. So I am wondering a bit as to why I received this email. Has anyone else been receiving these emails?

This whole "standard systems analysis" strikes me as .... suspicious.

UPDATE: I've confirmed that I am not the only Origin user who received one of these. I have tweeted @EA and asked them flat-out if there has been a security compromise:

UPDATE 2: In the email, EA mentions specifically that "We have no reason to believe at this time that the suspicious activity is the result of unauthorised access to EA’s databases". Pointing out databases specifically, rather than using a more general term like "system" or similar, leads me to wonder if someone hasn't tried to tamper with something else; like a systematic attempt to reset passwords.