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Dynamically Assign Filenames within an Iterative Loop

This question came up on Stack Exchange; Using C, how can you write filenames dynamically using an iterative variable loop? Or in English, you want to write some stuff to a bunch of different files, and have those files named in a logical manner like file1.file, file2.file, file3.file, ... etc.

The answer is pretty simple, but a bit of a mind-bender when you are first getting started. I was also pretty astonished that all of the accepted "solutions" to the problem failed to compile. This is a pretty big issue on these programming solution websites.

I think the reason for the problem is there are two groups of people: There are the people who want other people to think they can fix stuff. Then there are the people who can fix stuff. The two groups, obviously, have some overlap: people who can fix stuff and who want others to know about it. But there is also a statistically significant portion of both groups that do not overlap - people who can fix stuff who don't care whether other people know about it, and people who cant fix stuff, but who want other people to think they can. This last group seems to have a somewhat outsized voice on internet forums. By all means, leave a comment sharing your thoughts on the answer (I will delete it, but go ahead and leave your comment).

So, I contributed my own answer. This answer has the benefit of actually compiling and resolving the problem, which the other "solutions" do not do. Here it is, if you want to spare yourself the click-through:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main(void)
    for (int k = 0; k < 51; k++)
        char title[8];
        sprintf(title, "%d.jpg", k);
        FILE* img = fopen(title, "a");
        char* data = "Write this down";
        fwrite (data, 1, strlen(data) , img);