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Coincidence? Perhaps Not.

Observe, if you will, the following clear cut photographic evidence that something is amiss in Washington.

Henry Waxman. Powerful Congressman, member of the House of Representatives. Former Chair of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health and the Environment. Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Rumored to snort cocaine without the aid of a straw or similar apparatus. Claims the ability to "smell fear".

Edward Tattsyrup. Star of BBC television documentary "League of Gentlemen". Owner of Royston Vasey's Local Shop. Brother and husband of Tulip "Tubbs" Tattsyrup. Committed to the interests of both his Local Shop and the Local People of Royston Vasey.

The genetic link between these two individuals is clear. Have Royston Vasey politics leapt across the pond? Royston Vasey is a Local Shop for Local People - there is nothing for Americans, there. How have the Tattsyrup's bizaare opinions regarding transportation and fossil fuels issues played a rule in the House Energy and Commerce Committee?