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Weekly Links 3/4/13

Fast Company - The Vatican has selected EMC to source roughly 2.8 Petabytes of storage for a project to digitize the Vatican library, home to over 1 million books.

Business Week - Skype service in China is actively monitored for certain key phrases that are offensive to the state. When a user inputs these phrases, the conversation is forwarded to Chinese intelligence. Skype is currently owned by Microsoft, and in China is partnered with TOM Online to provide service in the region (like India, China requires foreign entities to be minority stake holders with a domestic corporation in order to do business). Microsoft has not responded to requests to clarify the surveillance features in Skype beyond saying that they adhere to Chinese law when operating there. No word yet on whether American users are monitored as well (at this point, I would be more shocked if they were not) - the Chinese program bears striking similarity to the NSA program that became public shortly after 9/11, at least functionally.

Popehat - A disgraced copyright troll from Indiana has relocated to Florida and begun to stir up rumors of practicing law without a license, leading to at least one Florida judge dismissing a suit and claiming during her finding that a fraud had been committed against the court by the appellant / copyright complainant. Subpoenas are beginning to fly, to Wordpress no less, regarding bloggers who have written about the issue (see: Streisand Effect). Note that these particular copyright trolls are not technology companies - they are pornographers. There has been a strange relationship brewing between pornographers and technology patent defenders over the last few years as they are both extremely litigious and responsible for a substantial amount of the recent case law in this area not handled by the RIAA and affiliates.