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Pidgin Instant Messenger Log Data Location

Pidgin is a popular IM client. I've been using it for years, mostly because of its simplicity when used within alternate operating systems. I need a non-browser based IM client that I can use in Fedora and Windows with the ability to easily transfer log data between the two. My only complaint is that the log search function is not very great, and Pidgin does not provide you with the ability to locate or change the log file path within the application. For those of you who need to find Pidgin logs, here are the paths for both Linux and Windows.

Installations include an actual 
pidgeon. Rabies sold separately.
Linux-based operating systems store log data within the root directory like so: ~/.purple/logs

Windows XP stores your logs here: 
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\.purple\logs

Windows Vista and Windows 7 store your logs here:

When running Pidgin within Windows, Pidgin uses the PURPLEHOME environment variable to establish the log data location. You can easily modify this variable to establish a better log file location through the Control Panel.

Select System --> Advanced --> Environment Variables, find PURPLEHOME and adjust its path to your requirements.

Extra information can be found on Pidgin's Developer website.