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Navel Gazing - The Bot to Human Ratio

Wouldn't be interesting to know what percentage of total global TCP/IP traffic is being produced by human users and consumers, and what percentage is being used for spam, spiders, bots and all of the other automated software that clogs the airways? I don't care about throughput or bandwidth as much as I do the number of connections. Looking at throughput I would think that humans use way more than bots do - humans stream, send monstrous attachments on their emails, and decades later still have yet to achieve global competency in the dark, mysterious art of file compression. Bots fake clicks and hits and unique visits.

I wonder how the human to bot ratio has changed over time as more and more people are able to afford and become interested in adopting the use of TCP/IP. Are there more people to bots? More bots to people? Are the bots growing faster than people? With these questions I won't even hazard an a priori, but it seems like a great experiment. What do you think? Do you know of a relevant experiment that has been conducted already? Embarrass me with your giant brains via email or comments.