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LinkedIn's Who To Follow Page - Condescending, Nauseating, Stupid

It bills itself with Get updates from thought leaders - right on your homepage. Let's leave aside disturbing questions like Why do I need or want someone to lead my thoughts? and just illustrate the content.

It includes deep ruminations on things like "Web 2.0", "How a Healthier Lifestyle Will Reduce the Deficit", "Responsible Social Media" and "5 Cocktail Recipes to Start Your Friday Night". These are the thoughts we are being lead to.

Finally, I present to you examples of Thought Leaders, as expressed by LinkedIn:

"The State of California requires me to notify you that
I am a registered sex offender"
"Jeff if you keep making that face one day its just going to.... oh."
Author of such notables as "Dumpster Diving for Interview Clothing" and "A Single Lady's
Guide to Caring for One Dozen Cats or More"
Sure, Don's Forehead has been used as a reflective surface
by NASA, but is it a Thought Leader?
That's it. I can't come up with a way to mock this more effectively then just copying and pasting what I have found.