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"About Me" Page Has Been Updated

You can tell from the subject line this is going to be exciting stuff! The About Me section of the site has been updated with new contact information.

I have also added a fairly comprehensive statement concerning the ethics and finances of the site. What it amounts to is: feel free to reproduce anything you see here as long as you're not using it to break the law or spam. I won't take money to write a post, and I will always clarify my relationship to companies discussed in a post, when one exists. I lose money on this site (hosting is free, but my time is not), and I will continue to lose more money as the site continues to grow (we are right at the point where Blogger and free hosting in general won't cut it with our traffic). Also - everything that I write on this site is my own opinion and no one else's. The opinions on this site do not reflect those of my current or previous employers. Finally, if you ever have any concerns about something posted on the site, if you have some ideas for a post you would like to see or if you notice a dead link or an Internal Server error please email or text me (contact details are in the About Me page). If you let me know about an error and I can confirm it, I will write a nice prominent post praising your computer knowledge and awesomeness.