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Weekly Links

Isn't it strange that the most successful sites aren't ones that produce content, but rather are gate keepers to the content of others? The phenomenon of network traffic is strangely circular - go to a website, click a link, from that site find a link, click it to find more links to click.

I know you're not hear to read. You are here to CLICK. Well, never let it be said that I don't give my public what it wants. I'll try to make this minor aggregation a weekly event.

Network World - Are the Spam Police Worse Than the Spammers? ("Spoiler Alert" - More so Every Day)
Fierce Telecom - CenturyLink Goes 100G, Puts On Big Boy Pants
Reason Magazine - Manipulating the Media For Fun and Profit

Finally, CEI has brought to magnificent life Leonard Read’s 1958 essay "I, Pencil" - the concise work of genius that lead me to the study of economics - in the form of a beautiful short film. At a time when so many of us find it so difficult to appreciate the power of spontaneous order and creative destruction (because each of us has a grand plan that, if enacted by principled leaders, would solve everything), spare 6 minutes for this. With an open mind Read's ideas just might change your life.