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Thank You!

When I started this site 6 months ago, I expected it to be a sort of notebook for quick fixes of server and router problems. I had hoped to use this as a place where the solutions to IT brain ticklers could be posted in case I forgot them and needed them later. Because almost all of my friends work in the same industry I do, it quickly became a place where I could refer people I knew who were in a bind and in return I post fixes they come across.

Other than letting a few close friends and family know about the site and bugging them for feedback and ideas every now and again, or sending out the occasional twitter/linkedin post,I haven't really told anyone about it. I certainly haven't marketed the site or engaged in any sort of 'search engine optimization'.

That's why I don't quite know what to make of the sheer number of visitors to the site. At this point, the count is in the tens of thousands, with traffic doubling every single month. Here is what the traffic looks like in a graph:

Most visitors to the site stick around for a few minutes (long enough to find the fix to their problem) and quite a few are now regular returning readers. I'm really thrilled to know that so many of you are finding value in the information contained on the website. If I can help just a few people fix a problem that has been keeping their servers down or unstable, than this site has been a complete success. Please feel free to repost any of the information you see here in whatever format you like. The point is to make the Internet a better place - safer, easier to use and more reliable - which is an ongoing collaborative effort between millions of people. As much as I appreciate all of the links that readers have posted, getting the data out there and learning new things about the tools available to us is most important.

So a big Thank You to everyone who has visited the site or posted links or commented or emailed. I will do my best to keep providing new content and solutions that continue to be helpful.

In the spirit of posting content here that will help readers the most, I would like to make a small request. Is there a particular problem or error you are encountering but can't figure out? Have you read an article here but wished that more information was included, or had some ideas on how to expand the article to make it more useful? Please feel free to contact me directly and so long as the request fits into our focus here - errors related to server, network and database administration - I would be happy to provide that fix as a new article. One thing I should point out - I have been working on a ton of Microsoft projects lately, but by no means is the focus limited to Microsoft. Need help with CentOS, Debian, BSD, Cisco IOS or Juniper JunOS? You're covered here - we just haven't had time to publish on those topics in as much depth as they deserve. Your request would be a great excuse to get it done!

My contact info is available on the other side of this link. Unless you request otherwise, your name and contact information will be kept strictly confidential and it should go without saying that there are no stupid questions - you won't get treated like the Saturday Night Live IT guy here.