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McAfee, I Hardly Knew Ye: Zillionaire Security "Expert" Flees Law Enforcement In the Midst of Murder Investigation

I wish I was making it up. For those who haven't heard, here is the story: John McAfee's neighbor has a gunshot wound in the back of his head. John McAfee is not surrendering to the police for questioning. John McAfee has a long history of doing drugs and having sex with young girls and reporting both exploits on the internet in livid detail (this *is* the computer industry we're talking about here) and every 30 minutes or so, John McAfee is blogging at to keep us all posted as to life on the lam and confirming his innocence.;contentBody

In no way should this post be construed as claiming guilt or innocence for Mr McAfee. John has a unique lifestyle, but then again the police in Latin America have a unique style of jurisprudence, so its a credibility wash and no non-circumstantial evidence has been made public. Here's hoping for a just, timely and non-violent resolution to the matter.