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On Alien Architects, Spam, and Sonny Chiba the Streetfighter

Seen some more link spam come my way. While I will save an intrepid investigation for later posts, I would like to share some of the keywords I've encountered in todays blast of pork transmission.

It is my hope that alien archaeologists of the future uncover these terms thousands of years from now, and use them to imagine a much more colorful existence than was ever wrought by we, the baldest of primates. What is poetry, they will wonder, and what is it to do with kung fu and imaginary girl-criminals? Without further ado, today's glyphs:

-The girls channeled their inner-criminal while making their way through a robbery scene
-We bring Chin Closer.
-Click to see the best Shaolin kung fu, the way they train, and their daily life in Shaolin Temple.

This last bit reminded me of my recent viewing of Sonny Chiba's The Street Fighter. As my friends and coworkers know, I watch some disturbing and frequently godawful movies. I like to explain in long winded detail how Roger Corman is the secret architect of today;s Hollywood. I am no stranger to the slasher flick, or the exploitation film. That said, The Street Fighter may be one of the most violent films I have ever seen. Chiba tears asunder at least one of every part of the male anatomy, holding up bloody chicken livers to the camera in effigy, and making unspeakable faces and outlandish kung fu sing song noises (iiiyyyyaaaaaaaa). He frequently spits on his opponents in what looks like perfunctory and spontaneous blocking to tell by his coperformers obviously surprised and disgusted reactions. He punches several women in the face, without warning or reason. One thing is for sure: in The Street Fighter Sonny Chiba is a cartoon caricature of a force of nature, and surely that's worth 70 minutes.