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Google+ Integration

I am always looking out for new gimmicks to trick poor innocent souls on the internet into stumbling onto my website, so after countless prompts and notifications, I have finally broke down and activated a Google+ Account. I'm interested in showing authorship in my search results, and now I can be sure that at least the FBI is reading my blog.

It's still a work in progress, but I am not sure what the point is after an initial inspection. MySpace was for 12 year old girls and awful bands. Facebook is for stalking your ex and so you in turn can be stalked by your government. Google+ ... what is Google+ for?

I found some friends and coworkers and added them to circles. This was okay, and they always have some interesting things to say in the stream, but I found after a while that their comments were pushed underneath a bunch of posts by people I don't know about topics I don't care about. Here are a brief list of some of the random things added to my stream that I have no interest in (and that I have never searched for in Google, btw)

-Scores for the last India/Pakistan cricket match
-A post asking, Is it Better to Sit or Squat on the Toilet?
-The 7 Virtues of Boshido (followed by an endless trail of comments by middle-aged office workers helping to spread their intimate knowledge on the Way of the Samurai)
-"Free iPhone Giveaway!!!" spam

So far ... it sucks.

One random post in the stream made my day. George Takei posted a picture of a bacon-themed pillow. Awesome.