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Modular Data Center Design From Microsoft's Azure DSS Team

I am a data center guy. Layer 7 is the bees knees and all, but work doesnt really feel like work unless you can get electrocuted, yknow? So please watch the video above as Microsoft explains one of their first POC's for their DC cubes and share in the excitement with me.

2009 was a big year for modular data centers, and so the above video of Patrick Yantz (former Microsoft DSS Smarty Pants, c/o Hanselminutes on 9) is a bit on the older side. The industry as a whole hasn't caught up with this technology yet; we are still at the very beginning of the curve here. There is a lot of Business Nerd reasons for this - my intuition tells me that adoption will be in bursts driven largely by regulation not necessarily *preventing* the building of new DC's but slowing it down and uneasiness about long term demand paying off capitol outlays with whole DC buildouts - for the time being its still a very elite market, as most Normal folks will still simply lease and muscle DC providers to eat the cost of PUE, but who knows what will happen with the cost of power as demand increases and utilities are forced to diversify into less efficient means of production? [Lol j/k you guys. It's going to go up. WAY up. -W.]