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The Guardian Calls Bullsh*t on Whisper; Whisper Calls Bullsh*t on Guardian

Big drama today re: the popular messaging app Whisper. Whisper markets itself as anonymous, calling itself “the safest place on the internet”. But The Guardian disagrees. This morning the influential British newspaper published a story alleging that whisper tracks the geographic location of users who have requested that such tracking be disabled - even more alarming, the Guardian claims that Whisper provides location data to the US Department of Defense about Whisper messages sent from military bases, ostensibly to identify whistleblowers. The Guardian also stated that Whisper sends user data to the FBI and MI5. Whisper's terms of service changed after they found out that the Guardian was moving to publish. Now their TOS explicitly allows user tracking regardless of settings. Neetzan Zimmerman , speaking for the Whisper corporate office, has responded with a series of online pronouncements that were full of sound and fury; calling the story a "pack of lies" that w