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Luke Skywalker was a Jihadi, the Empire had it right the whole time

I've been slacking on my promise to post weekly links here on my website. I'm sorry, y'all. In atonement, and also as tribute to the forth-coming Star Wars movie, I am offering up some very special links this Saturday morning. George Lucas did everything he could to manipulate the audience of Star Wars into believeing that the Empire were the bad guys. He dressed them in black. He had them line up in big elaborate Leni Refinstahl-style formations, like Nazis in space. He made the guys we were really supposed to not like ugly, on top of it. He gave Empire officers foreign accents.  British  accents. Anakin Skywalker started off with an American accent and only acquired a (fake) British accent when he became Darth Vader and joined the Empire. The films of George Lucas are many things, but they are not subtle. Note: Critics of this view would point out that Jedi "good guy" Obi-Wan Kinobi also had a British accent when played by both Sir Alec Guiness and Ewan M