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Paypal Presents Payment to Placate Piqued Purchasers; Persists in Peeking into Pockets of Patrons

Did you have a PayPal account between April 2006 and November 2015? During that time, did PayPal ever place a hold or reserve on your account? Did PayPal suspend or cancel your account? Than this post is good news for you. Zepeda v. PayPal (Case No. 10-CV-02500), a class action lawsuit that has been working its way through the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, appears to have been resolved with PayPal offering to pay a cash settlement to PayPal account holders whose assets were essentially seized by PayPal. PayPal is an enormous company with millions of customers and a lengthy track record of having sticky fingers when it comes to transactions that violate PayPal's nebulous and ever-changing terms of service - this settlement will almost certainly be enormous, as well. In addition to essentially stealing from their own customers, the Zepeda suit brought to light evidence that PayPal has violated several rules of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act