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Can save the internet?

When used correctly, encryption works really well. It works so well that most people can't wrap their brain around how powerful it is. The biggest gains we can make in improving online security and privacy won't be the result of making encryption better. Most of our problems are the result of how encryption is used. At the moment, using encryption is complicated. Its not complicated to the point where you need special training to use it, but its complicated enough that its a pain in the ass for non-technical people to adopt. So non-technical people don't adopt encryption. That's a real problem - because most people are non-technical. Actually, its worse than that, because it means only communications between technical people can be secured with any regularity. Even technical people can't communicate securely with non-technical people. Encryption can only be truly successful with massive levels of adoption. Even with all of its problem, HTTP-based SS

Free Bitcoin giveaway from Coinbase

Popular Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has started a Bitcoin giveaway. Signup for a Coinbase account using the partner URL below, purchase US$100 worth of Bitcoin, and get US$10 worth of free Bitcoin for your trouble. Here is the special partner URL . You have to signup using a partner URL in order to be eligible. So sign up, tell your friends, and get some free BTC!