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Google's Disavow Links Function

I am still doing a bit of research on this function (and have plans to update this page appropriately), but this should be of considerable interest if you are anything like me and have a website that is somewhat frequently the target of hackers and spammers. The Google Disavow Links tool, part of their Webmaster Tools, will allow you to remove links from Google's algorithm, and hopefully you can successfully strike back at spammers and link farmers who would damage your website's rep.

Bing Webmaster Tools and Blogger Sitemaps - "The Feed is Empty" Error Fixed

Blogging tips aren't really the focus of my website. However, I recently signed up for Bing's Webmaster Tools and encountered some difficulty in submitting the sitemap for my Blogger website, It took me a bit of head banging before I figured out how to resolve it, thanks in no small part to the amount of guides on this issue that are just wrong on their face. So, for regular blog readers, this isn't as advanced as a lot of the articles here are, but it turned out to be such a nuisance and so ill-documented that I felt something had to be done . This guide will assume that you have already added your site to Bing Webmaster Tools and verified domain ownership, both of which work as advertised. At the time of this writing, Blogger primarily uses Atom 1.0 to publish site feeds - Blogger also relies on Atom for a dynamically generated sitemap. For Google's webmaster tools, I registered the following link, which populates an XML file that contains