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Facebooks IP block is scanning home networks

  Residential ISP log data from the east coast US Mark: if you're reading this I need you to get right on this issue please. (Thanks!) # inetnum: - netname:         IE-FACEBOOK-20110418 country:         IE org:             ORG-FIL7-RIPE admin-c:         NE1880-RIPE tech-c:         NE1880-RIPE status:         ALLOCATED PA mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-by:         meta-mnt mnt-routes:     fb-neteng created:         2011-04-18T12:00:34Z last-modified:   2022-10-29T00:51:39Z source:         RIPE # Filtered organisation:   ORG-FIL7-RIPE org-name:       META PLATFORMS IRELAND LIMITED country:         IE org-type:       LIR address:         4 GRAND CANAL SQUARE, GRAND CANAL HARBOUR address:         462129 address:         Dublin address:         IRELAND phone:           +0016505434800 fax-no:         +0016505435325 admin-c:         PH4972-RIPE mnt-ref:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-ref:         meta-mnt mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mn

EU says Pee-Yoo to transatlantic data sharing

Over in Europe, Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon has just succeeded in her push to prevent Facebook from transferring data on European users back to the United States . At issue is a series of data transfer agreements between the EU and the US; it is the (reasonable) contention of Commissioner Dixon that the United State's regime of warrantless spying makes Facebook unable to comply with the data sharing arrangement required by the EU. Ireland may not seem like a major global hub for Big Data and telecom firms, but it very much is. The Emerald Isle's famous "Celtic Tiger" economic push successfully attracted some of the largest technology firms in the world with low taxes and easy regulations. But the times, they are a-changin'. This is the latest wrinkle in an ongoing battle over privacy regulations responsible for protecting European user data that traverses the Atlantic, but not the first. In September of last year, Commissioner Dixon had released

The First Post on a "Social Network"

Remember BBS? Remember the Well? The first BBS was the Community Memory BBS, and its first post is printed in memoriam below (this was posted in 1973, nearly 40 years ago), entered via a teletype machine stored inside a cardboard box with holes cut out for your hands and stored in the back of a record store. The moniker used by the typist, Dr Benway, is a recurring character in the novels of William S Burroughs - leading some of us to believe (with good humor and high spirits) that since its inception, the network as social medium has always veered a bit subversively. From here we have gone to Twitter and Facebook users coordinating the overthrow of governments, in sudden paroxysms of sweeping change and violence. Perhaps there is a bit of that encoded somewhere in this early missive. ***** IEF XQPRSTQXL SYSPRINT OFFSET INTERRUPT ***** APPLIESTO: ALL BOOGIES, BEANERS, BOLOS & BOZOS ...... DOC BENWAY HERE .......... NURSE, SLIP ME ANOTHER AMPULE OF LAUDANUM ....