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The C Note - Brad Garlinghouse, Yahoo!

In a shameless  maneuver  to keep the traffic coming, I will be adding a new semi-recurring column to Tech Info. Called the C Note, this column will consist of missives from executives of technology companies in the tone of C. This will not be an 'Inside the Actor's Studio' for the ultra-rich, nor will it be an exposé where something is 'Occupied' . Attention will be paid to real articles of interest: identification of industry trends, justification for controversial decisions, in short, musings upon experience worth repeating. Do you find this distasteful, thrilling, a waste of time or something you would like the site to focus on more? Leave a comment or send an email or text message! Reproduced in entirety due to linking trouble with the in-appropriately-named-at-this-moment LinkedIn What I got wrong in the Peanut Butter Manifesto Brad Garlinghouse In 2006, as an executive at Yahoo! I wrote an internal memo outlining my observations about the state o