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Silent But Nerdly

For a while I have been just too busy to sit down and kill some serious brain cells with an awesome video game. While I am partially responsible, I blame today's games, too. It seems like games today either involve paying to give myself a very expensive obsessive compulsive disorder (click the red button every second for 5 hours straight, then kill 10 rats, than bring me the rat skin hides after you have skinned them and clicked each one every 3 seconds for 1 1/2 hours straight, etc), or becoming part of a photo realistic murder simulator that leads to my  near instant death from hundreds of yards away by someone (prepubescent) who I never see. While admittedly there have been some amazing games written within the last 5 years, there has been an equal abundance of shitty games available for those who like bad video games from the 80's . So thanks to Xbox Live for releasing Sega Vintage Collection. I am playing Golden Axe and Street of Rage on a 60'' flat scree