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Cryptome publishes my Wikileaks findings

Those unfamiliar with my Wikileaks findings should read my (so far) four post series on my discover of malware within files available for download on the Wikileaks website that can, among other things, identify and track those reading infected files: 1st post  |  2nd post  |  3rd post  |  4th post   Note that my posts are lengthy and contain some technical information. If you aren't really into reading technical things you would probably prefer the summaries of my findings available in The Register or  Neue Zürcher Zeitung (for German speakers).  Because Wikileaks has refused to inform its users that the infected files are, in fact malicious, I went public with my findings. Cryptome has just published a letter with a brief explanation of the issues with the Wikileaks malware .  Cryptome is a long time advocate of government transparency, and had already been publishing leaked documents on their website for close to a decade when Wikileaks was first created. Here is

Cryptome torrents draw concerns

Those following Cryptome on Twitter saw some messages that were a little nerve-wracking yesterday. The flood of torrents attributed to Cryptome are not ours. Could be ruses, smears to spread malware. Maybe by HT types. — Cryptome (@Cryptomeorg) July 22, 2015 Some of many [CRYPTOME] torrents gushing wildly recently, could contain [Hacking Team] malware to smear Cryptome — Cryptome (@Cryptomeorg) July 22, 2015 A similar warning was posted to the front page of Cryptome's website: The link in Cryptome's message led me to a Kickass Torrents user account that had been opened ~3 weeks previously under the name Cryptome. The account uses the Cryptome website logo. Similar accounts were created on Monova and Lime Torrents. Putting together an archive for a website you aren't affiliated with, whose content is already free and widely available and has been for many years, isn't necessarily unheard of (?). But doing so while ostensibly