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Conspiratorial Cosmology

Jörg P. Rachen and Ute G. Gahlings  submitted an incredibly awesome physics paper back in 2013. I can't improve on the abstract so I am just going to reproduce it below. I highly suggest reading the entire paper (which is a brief 4 pages and a fun read): Based on the cosmological results of the Planck Mission, we show that all parameters describing our Universe within the \Lambda CDM model can be constructed from a small set of numbers known from conspiracy theory. Our finding is confirmed by recent data from high energy particle physics. This clearly demonstrates that our Universe is a plot initiated by an unknown interest group or lodge. We analyse possible scenarios for this conspiracy, and conclude that the belief in the existence of our Universe is an illusion, as previously assumed by ancient philosophers, 20th century science fiction authors and contemporary film makers. The paper is available for free download from the Cornell University Library website - here