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Programming in C Chapter III - Boolean Values & Operators

Today we will learn a bit about Boolean values, operators and expressions. Boolean values and conditions are named after 19th century mathematician and logician George Boole who pioneered a field of logic now referred to as Boolean logic; which is based upon grouping and comparing * Boolean values *. * Boolean Value * - a variable that has two possible conditions;  TRUE and FALSE .                                Similar to a light switch that can be either on or off, or how binary                                numbers can be either 1 or 0. Boolean values are seem fairly simply on the surface. However, they allow for a dynamic array of combined values that allow for nearly infinite complexity. * Boolean Operator * - A Boolean Operator combines two Boolean values  into a single value. The two most common of such operators are AND and OR , but there are quite a few additional Operators we will explore as well. * AND * - results in a value of TRUE ONLY if BOTH input