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Windows 10 Technical Preview Testers Should Beware

I try to keep on my toes when it comes to latest distributions of Operating Systems that I use. While I don't use anything bleeding edge that I haven't built with my own hands in production, I like to stay abreast of the latest and greatest.  Windows in in recent years become a drag in this respect. Later iterations have ditched interface features that add nothing to functionality, making adoption a pain, especially for someone in my position that frequently administers servers with a variety of different Windows versions. Thats whats so great about shells - it stays a shell. New features are usually actual features and not visual gimmicks.  So I got myself an early copy of Windows 10. I joined the  Windows Insider Program. I downloaded the  Windows Technical Preview ISO , which you can download by following that link and using the tester  Product Key: NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR. I started digging around for some documentation before firing up a VM. And thats when I paus