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SoftEther VPN does not support Windows Phone

I've been doing a substantial amount of work with VPN software lately. Of particular interest to me is helping secure mobile phone web traffic, which for the most part have been very insecure for a very long time. That's why I was excited to come across SoftEther VPN documentation that apparently confirmed its compatibility with Windows Phone: SoftEther VPN documentation from GitHub. Note the highlighted text claiming Windows Phone support. Currently, Windows Phone 8.1 only natively supports IKEv2. Additional support is available for SSL VPN but requires the installation of a third party VPN client. SoftEther VPN has no client application in the Windows phone store, and lack of IKEv2 support has been a known SoftEther development issue for 16 months with no sign of being actively addressed . It's worth pointing out that Blackberry and Nokia Lumia users are also impacted by the lack of IKEv2 support, however none of those devices are explicitly named in the suppo