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Errors with Nikto installation or operation within OpenVAS

When installing the vulnerability scanner application Nikto/Nikto2 using yum with RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 or CentOS 7 or even Scientific Linux 7, the odds are good that you will encounter some irritating problems. Namely, the installation will fail while requiring a dependency that appears to not exist for the version of linux you are using. Fun! So you probably think you are safe if you install OpenVAS , a prepackaged suite of security utilities that includes Nikto as a plugin. But you would be wrong! Installing OpenVAS from an RPM will succeed, and everything will look fine, until you try to use Nikto within OpenVAS, which will result in a fatal error. Nikto is included in the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux/EPEL yum repository all recent versions of RedHat linux, which is part of the Fedora Project. While it contains third party applications, it is not a third party repository like RPMFusion or Atomicorp . I have only very rarely had problems with the EPEL yum repo, and t