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The Ancient Gaming Noob Discusses Kickstarter

I am a huge fan and regular reader of the blog "The Ancient Gaming Noob" . I've been a gamer since I could use a keyboard, alternating between the qBasic games on my Xerox laptop with double 5 1/2 floppies  (remember Gorillas? I rewrote the script and made the Gorillas different colors! ) to the Apple II's at school (Oregon Trail and Prince of Persia ftw!) Different Colors Recently, The Ancient Gaming Noob has been discussing Richard Garriot's Kickstarter campaign . The discussion is really getting interesting. You have Garriot, a man who lives in a castle and has been to outer space, using a fund raising tool ostensibly designed for those that, well, need money. Garriot's campaign, which as of this writing has nearly completed his goal of raising US$1 million to help fund a new game, may be more of a self-financing marketing tactic than anything. This begs a few questions - does this sort of tactic devalue Kickstarter? What is the ultimate use of Kickst