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List of Windows Activation Keys for KMS - Windows 10 Edition!

Hey there everybody. सुनो! आप कैसे हैं A few years back I published a list of Windows Activation Keys  /  माइक्रोसॉफ्ट सक्रियण कुंजी  that can be used for KMS client deployment and approximately a bajillion readers visited it. Traffic was particularly heavy from my peoples in India, who are all awesome. It was by far the most popular post of all time on this website, despite the fact it received no media coverage and no one linked to it. All that love despite the fact that these keys are completely legit, 100% legal and simply buried deeply in Microsoft's documentation. These keys are specifically for volume-activation scenarios. If you think you will pull off some sort of piracy with these keys, you will be disappointed. Anyway, here are the latest keys for Microsoft's latest labor of love, Windows 10. Remember that to install a client key, open a command prompt as Administrator and use this command:   slmgr /ipk yourkeyhere If you aren't familiar with the process, che