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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Billing systems development now available

Good news for current and future clients of Josh Wieder Technical Consulting: customers can now retain a variety of unique services related to popular hosting billing platforms Ubersmith & WHMCS, many of which are not available anywhere else.

The services we are now able to offer include:

     - Automated per-minute DID usage billing integration for Vitelity VOIP resellers for both Ubersmith & WHMCS.

    - Credit card number and profile migration services to and from WHMCS. We are capable of decrypting CC data stored in WHMCS for you and facilitating migration to a token-based payment verification system (such as Authorize.Net CIM) that can improve your compliance with PCI standards.

    - PayPal subscription migration services to, from and between WHMCS & Ubersmith.

    - Authorize.Net CIM profile migration services.

    - Custom development of Authorize.Net & PayPal gateways for WHMCS for extending a variety of functions, for example:
                - Provide support in WHMCS for multiple Authorize.Net and/or PayPal accounts
                - FULL support for Instant Payment Notifications
                - Automatic generation of support tickets, email notifications and/or SMS gateway
                   notifications on payment gateway errors

     - Integration of WHMCS or Ubersmith shopping carts with existing client web properties. We can match the "look & feel" of your existing website with an up-to-date shopping cart without breaking regular update functionality that will keep your cart & payment software secure.

     - Individualized solutions to meet your project requirements.

Contact Josh Wieder Technical Consulting today to discuss how we can make your billing & hosting automation software more secure, effective and profitable.

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