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Monday, October 20, 2014

Search Tool Removed

UPDATE (7/27/2015): I created a Google CSE instead of using the miserable and useless utility described below. Unlike the Blogger tool, the CSE works. Hazaa!

I actually got around to using Google's little search tool for Blogger. And you know what? It sucks. I searched for articles using the name of the article, nothing found. I searched for articles using keywords that I had used repeatedly as Blogger "Labels" - nothing found.

With actual production projects I have been vehement about removing search tools from Google. Sometimes I've lost, and I've worked with companies that have bought those outrageously priced yellow servers running Googles cute, branded version of BSD. A $30,000 back door to your intranet for regulators and competitors. Brilliant. Better to do the responsible thing and buy yourself a Lexus with petty cash.

Anyway, this was different, I thought. The site is hosted on Blogspot, so my users have already been sucked into the freakishly-plastered-on-smile world of Don't Be Evil. Their datas already belong to Google by the time they get here. So I'll add it on as a way to get to the early years content. Back before the blog hit the big time and sold out type of content.

So now we must use the Archive drop down and browse. Browse like Yahoo circa 1999, damn you!

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