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If charity isn't your style, you may be interested in hiring me. I am a Linux systems administrator with experience in a wide variety of tasks and I am available as a for-hire consultant or as an independent contractor.


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New to cryptocurrency? There are a whole host of reasons to be excited about the technology; not least of which is because cryptocurrencies use non-centralized peer to peer technology to handle transactions, making it very difficult for governments and large corporations to prevent people trading with one another. Creating a wallet and transferring is very easy and risk-free. You don't need to make a serious investment to trade small amounts of Bitcoin. Even making small transactions goes a long way toward helping to mature the technology and normalize its use for all kinds of different uses. Its very easy and cheap to get started using an exchange service like Coinbase to convert a couple of dollars to BTC. Check out the Bitcoin wiki for answers to common questions.

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If donating time rather than $ is more your style, consider donating a few minutes to learn more and help out the Puppycide Database Project. The Project is a not for profit that researches police shootings of pets and makes that research available free to the public. A large part of the research is crowd-sourced, so by taking five minutes to type in an article about a Puppycide from a news site into the Project's online form, you will have very much helped me, puppies across America as well as the families of those who have lost a furry family member to a police officer's decision to use deadly force. Because PuppycideDB is the only organization tracking this, the public has no idea just how many animals are killed in the US. Our best estimate for only municipal law enforcement killings of pets is 50,000 animals a year. If we count wild animals and include federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies like the USDA, the number jumps to between 3 and 5 million animals a year. That is not including animals killed by "shelters" and pounds, which adds another 6 million animals a year. The numbers sounds crazy, right? Completely unbelievable. So help us do the counting.